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In The Billionaires Club

Passion, Money, Love, and Sarcastic Bartenders As far as Gin Langdon knew, the smarmy guy in the expensive suit she insulted was just another Silicon Valley douchebag. But rather than getting upset, the man smiles and hands her a card. It is an invitation that women kill for: A one time entry to Sal’s Place, better known as The Billionaires Club, the most exclusive bar in the world. Gin soon discovers that while an invitation to the club is one thing, navigating the egos, agendas, and entitlement inside is another. Young, rich men buy her clothes, fly her to Venice for a weekend dinner, and take her out onto the ocean on their private yachts. However, as Gin enjoys her new life of luxury, she starts to wonder: In a world of free and easy, why is love so difficult to find?

Ava’s Confessions

Everyone wants the perfect book boyfriend. Ava has the perfect blog boyfriend. Love proves to be the ultimate aphrodisiac as young college student Ava meets Jack at a party hosted by a professor. Ava soon finds out that things aren’t what they seem–Jack is a firefighter and not a student and is there with a friend. And what she thinks is just raw desire is actually something much more.

My Stepbrother’s Promise

Sometimes being close pushes you apart Best friends and step-siblings Jenny and AIdan make a desperate promise: If they graduate from college and they are both virgins, they would lose their virginity to each other. As college arrives, the promise lives in the minds of both Jenny and Aidan. They live, love, and grow, assuming that the promise that meant so much to one didn’t mean anything to the other. But then graduation arrives, and a promise made four years earlier is suddenly all too real. Jenny and Aidan both wonder if the promise still matters.

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Roxy Callahan

Erotica. Erotic romance
I have done just about everything I write about. As I write them, the experiences remind me of passionate moments that are all too real to me. I hope that my stories make them real for you.